The following is a collection of digital scholarly resources, archival links, images and more related to the topic of Volume 2.


Name Description URL
Culturagay – Biografie (ITA) Biographies
The Indestructible Homosexuality in Berlin (ENG) Biographies
Psychology’s Feminist Voices (ENG) Biographies
Scienza a 2 voci – Biographies Italian women scientists (ITA) Biographies
Biblioteca Digitale delle Donne (ITA) Digital Library
The Women’s Library (ENG) Digital Library
Heresies Digital Collection (ENG) Digitalised Historical Magazines
Archives du Féminisme (FRA) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
Atria – Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History (NL) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union Digital Archive (ENG) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
The Feminist Archive North (ENG) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
Omofonie – Fondazione Sandro Penna (ITA) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
Redstockings Women’s Liberation Archives for Action (ENG) Documentation Centre with Online Materials
Archivio delle donne in Piemonte Feminist Archive
Fondazione Badaracco Milano (ITA) Feminist Archive
Centro di documentazione ricerca e iniziativa delle donne di Bologna (ITA) Feminist Library and Archive
Grassroots Feminisms: Transnational Archives, Resources And Communities (ENG) Feminist Web Sites Hub
BBC Second Wave Feminism Collection (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Council on Religion and the Homosexual Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Dikes on Bikes Exhibit Tour (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Femminismo ruggente (ITA) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Out Ranks (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Movimento Femminista – Documenti Autonomi (ITA) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Passionate Struggle. Dynamics of San Francisco’s GLBT History (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Women’s Liberation Movement Print Culture (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Women’s Liberation Music Archive (ENG) Historical Multi-Media Sources Online
Archivia – Biblioteca Archivi Centri Documentazione delle Donne (ITA) LGBTQI Archive
University of Victoria Library Transgender Archives Canada (ENG) LGBTQI Archive
Centro di Documentazione di Azione gay e lesbica Firenze (ITA) LGBTQI Library and Archive
Centro di Documentazione del Circolo Maurice Torino (ITA) LGBTQI Library and Archive
Les Archives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes (ARCL) (FR) LGBTQI Library and Archive
The Queer Relationship Project (ENG) Oral History Project
Welfare Rights Initiative (ENG) Oral History Project
Women in Science Research Network (ENG) Reasearch Network with Online Materials

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