Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions constitute a growing collection of questions we’ve been asked or that we anticipate our readers might be interested in asking regarding our journal, its scholarly procedures, and our parent organization. As inquiries are made, or inspiration occurs, we will continue to update the collection.


Is Zapruder World Peer-Reviewed?

Yes. All articles, submitted or solicited will be subjected to a peer review process consisting of a) preliminary scrutiny by the editors of the volume and b) if found meeting the stated criteria for acceptance, a thorough examination and report by two anonymous referees chosen by the editors on the basis of their competence, among the members of the journal’s Advisory Board, and according to (but not limited to) a number of criteria.

For more information on Zapruder World‘s peer-review policies, please see Peer Review Procedures.


What Is Storie in Movimento (SIM)?

Founded in 2002, Storie in movimento (Histories in Movement, or SIM) is an association inspired by the global mobilization against neoliberalism which took place from Seattle to Genova (2001). SIM’s primary objective is to connect historical research to the study of social conflict in all of its modern and contemporary forms.

For more information on SIM, please see Storie in Moviemento (SIM).