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Farewell Zapruder World

June 13, 2023 Editorial Board 0

A lot has changed over these twelve years. The world has indeed changed. Counting the latest issue, we have produced seven issues, with topics ranging from anarchism to feminism, race, food, music, cinema, the welfare state, and social conflicts. Skeptical of academic rules and conventions, we have had long discussions on how to manage editorial choices and select articles.

In Memoriam: Hayden White (1928-2018)

May 9, 2018 Claudio Fogu 0

Yesterday, at the age of 89, my friend and mentor, Hayden White, passed. His name will likely survive him forever, connected as it is to the past fifty years of American intellectual history, to the “linguistic turn” in historiography and the humanities, to the rise of “history and theory,” and to “metahistory,” the term he famously coined in an homonymous book in 1973.