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Submissions Instructions

Zapruder World welcomes ZapLab article proposals and submissions from academics, independent scholars, and militant activists on topics pertaining to contemporary socio-political movements and/or conflicts. For additional information and instructions, please see the “General Guidelines and Requirements” section below.


General Guidelines and Requirements

  • When submitting your ZapLab article, please attach a non-password-protected Word or OpenOffice document, include “ZapLab Submission” in the subject line, and use the following email address: submissions@zapruderworld.org.
  • Articles do not have to be historical or “scholarly” analyses. However, they do need to address and/or critique a contemporary socio-political movement and/or conflict in some insightful and meaningful way.
  • Articles should have a length of no more than 2,000 words.
  • Footnotes are encouraged, but parenthetical citations, if required, are allowed.
  • Any links to websites or online resources should be indicated by highlighting the text to be linked, inserting a comment using Word’s or OpenOffice’s commenting system, and pasting the link in question into the comment box.
  • Authors are encouraged to incorporate digital media—such as images, videos, and interactive charts, graphs, or other digital tools—into their articles.