Open Peer Review Procedures

As of 2021, all articles, submitted or solicited, will be subjected to an open review process consisting of:

  1. A preliminary scrutiny by the editors of the volume;
  2. A thorough examination and written report by one non-anonymous referee chosen by the editors and the journal’s editorial board on the basis of their competence; and
  3. An internal discussion among the current members of the journal’s Editorial Board. go to link go site acet ateneo essay essay write introduction died of heart attack in toronto canada due to viagra follow url how to know if abilify is working dissertations on african music should i take viagra on a full stomach english essays about science cdna essay from rna industrial revolution essay question science writing paper with lines source glucophage package insert see go see essay on kamarajar go site kamagra jelly pas cher buy cialis in uk online benito mussolini essay conclusion *


When determining what we will and will not published, we take the following criteria into consideration: **

  1. Relevance to the global history of social conflicts.
  2. Significance to the advancement of original theory and/or research.
  3. A firm grounding in the relevant theoretical/conceptual discourses and methodological literatures.
  4. An appropriate application of professional procedures and standards with regard to any sources of data or source materials.
  5. Clarity of expression and accessibility to non-academic readers.


* Volumes 1 through 6 were produced via double blind peer review. All volumes after 6 will be produced via the above-described open peer review process.

** Given the hybrid nature of our journal between Academia and street-level social and political activism, some articles may be selected for publication in view of their contribution to the advancement of policies or practices related to current or ongoing social conflicts, even if they do not meet all of the above listed criteria.