The following is a collection of global and local organizations, movements, and networks inspired by the militant traditions explored in Volume 2.


Name Description URL
Capturing the Moment – The Photojournalism of Rick Gerharter (ENG) Art and Photography Repository
Elles@centrepompidou (FRA) Art and Photography Repository
Feminist Art Base at Brooklyn Museum (ENG) Art and Photography Repository
LINEAGE marchmaking in the archive (ENG) Art and Photography Repository
Re.Act. Feminism (ENG) Art and Photography Repository
Womens Erotic Art (ENG) Art and Photography Repository
Code Pink Women For Peace (ENG) Campaign Website
Jornadas pelo Direito ao Aborto Legal e Seguro (POR) Campaign Website
September28. Global Day of Action for Access to Legal and Safe Abortion (ENG) Campaign Website
Archivio Queer Italia (ENG/ITA) Downloadable Publications
Bibliografía (ESP) Downloadable Publications
BiBlioteca Fragmentada (ESP) Downloadable Publications
Estudios sobre sexualidades en América Latina (ESP) Downloadable Publications
Glefas (ESP) Downloadable Publications
ISA LGBTQA Caucus Research (ENG) Downloadable Publications
QUEEREMOS SABER (ESP) Downloadable Publications
Potencia Tortillera (ESP) Downloadable Publications
RUIDOSA difusora feminista H.T.M. (ESP) Downloadable Publications
Boletin de la Rede de Saúde das Mulheres Latinoamericanas e do Caribe (ESP) eZine
Una Buena Barba (ESP) eZine
CUNTEMPORARY Art Feminism Queer (ENG) eZine
E-misférica – Performance and Politica in the Americas (ENG) eZine
The Feminist eZine (ENG) eZine
Furias (ESP) eZine
Parole De Queer (ESP) eZine
Pikara (ESP) eZine
Toronto Zine Library (ENG) eZine
ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ENG) Networking Website
Rede de Saúde das Mulheres Latinoamericanas e do Caribe (POR) Networking Website
Línea Aborto Chile: El Manual (ESP) Self-Help Handbook
Arxiu en línia de la Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones (CAT) Video and Film Repository
SIMREF – Seminar interdisciplinary feminist research methodology (ENG/ESP) Video and Film Repository

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