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The following is a collection of global and local organizations, movements, and networks inspired by the militant traditions explored in Volume 2.


Name Description URL
Capturing the Moment – The Photojournalism of Rick Gerharter (ENG) Art and Photography Repository https://www.flickr.com/photos/12264250@N07/sets/
Elles@centrepompidou (FRA) Art and Photography Repository http://fresques.ina.fr/elles-centrepompidou/fresque/
Feminist Art Base at Brooklyn Museum (ENG) Art and Photography Repository http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/feminist_art_base/
LINEAGE marchmaking in the archive (ENG) Art and Photography Repository http://www.queerculturalcenter.org/Pages/Lineage/L_Index.html
Re.Act. Feminism (ENG) Art and Photography Repository http://www.reactfeminism.org
Womens Erotic Art (ENG) Art and Photography Repository http://www.womenseroticart.com/#sthash.cOt19A7f.dpbs
Code Pink Women For Peace (ENG) Campaign Website http://www.codepink.org
Jornadas pelo Direito ao Aborto Legal e Seguro (POR) Campaign Website https://jornadaspeloabortolegal.wordpress.com/about/
September28. Global Day of Action for Access to Legal and Safe Abortion (ENG) Campaign Website http://www.september28.org
Archivio Queer Italia (ENG/ITA) Downloadable Publications http://www.archivioqueeritalia.com/en/archivi/teoria/
Bibliografía (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://bibliografia-alternativa.blogspot.com.ar
BiBlioteca Fragmentada (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://www.bibliotecafragmentada.org
Estudios sobre sexualidades en América Latina (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://www.flacsoandes.edu.ec/biblio/shared/
Glefas (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://www.glefas.org/glefas/
ISA LGBTQA Caucus Research (ENG) Downloadable Publications http://isa-lgbtqa.blogspot.it/2014_12_01_archive.html
QUEEREMOS SABER (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://www.hartza.com/QUEER.html
Potencia Tortillera (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://potenciatortillera.blogspot.com.ar
RUIDOSA difusora feminista H.T.M. (ESP) Downloadable Publications http://difusionfeminista.blogspot.com.es
Boletin de la Rede de Saúde das Mulheres Latinoamericanas e do Caribe (ESP) eZine http://rsmlac.blogspot.it/?view=magazine
Una Buena Barba (ESP) eZine http://www.unabuenabarba.com
CUNTEMPORARY Art Feminism Queer (ENG) eZine http://www.cuntemporary.org
E-misférica – Performance and Politica in the Americas (ENG) eZine http://www.hemisphericinstitute.org/journal/1_1/cheerleaders.html
The Feminist eZine (ENG) eZine http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/feminist_art_base/
Furias (ESP) eZine http://www.issuu.com/furias/docs/revistafurias.com.ar
Parole De Queer (ESP) eZine http://paroledequeer.blogspot.com.es
Pikara (ESP) eZine http://www.pikaramagazine.com
Toronto Zine Library (ENG) eZine http://www.torontozinelibrary.org
ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ENG) Networking Website http://www.ilga.org/network/world/
Rede de Saúde das Mulheres Latinoamericanas e do Caribe (POR) Networking Website http://www.redesaude.org.br/home/
Línea Aborto Chile: El Manual (ESP) Self-Help Handbook http://www.infoabortochile.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/
Arxiu en línia de la Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones (CAT) Video and Film Repository http://arxiu.mostrafilmsdones.cat
SIMREF – Seminar interdisciplinary feminist research methodology (ENG/ESP) Video and Film Repository https://www.vimeo.com/simref/

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