In Memoriam: Hayden White (1928-2018)

Yesterday, at the age of 89, my friend and mentor, Hayden White, passed. His name will likely survive him forever, connected as it is to the past fifty years of American intellectual history, to the “linguistic turn” in historiography and the humanities, to the rise of “history and theory,” and to “metahistory,” the term he famously coined in an homonymous book in 1973.

The notion that man must dominate nature emerges directly from the domination of man by man … But it was not until organic community relation … dissolved into market relationships that the planet itself was reduced to a resource for exploitation. This centuries-long tendency finds its most exacerbating development in modern capitalism.

Murray Bookchin, "Post-Scarcity Anarchism" (2004)

The Two Faces of Fascism

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, President Trump repeatedly asserted that the violence that had led to the death of Heather Heyer had come from “many sides.” Against the obstinate repetition of this lie, even Republicans finally seemed to abandon their champion in shock.

A mutinous column marches on the Kremlin

Blowing up windows of FSB offices
Bitches piss on the Kremlin walls
Announcing a riot, Abort the System!

Act at dawn? Don’t start to question
For our and your freedom we’ll whip them to submission
The glorious Madonna will teach us to fight
The feminist Magdalena stood up for democracy

Pussy Riot, "Putin Pissed Himself" (2012)